The Gift Curator

As founder and Creative Director of, I created the persona and market influencer known as The Gift Curator. Over three years, The Gift Curator collaborated with several small business owners to create compelling content, increase their sales, and promote brand awareness. Her desire was to set the standard of gifting, including a vision for a ‘Gift of the Year’ award.

The Gift Curator helped consumers find #GiftsWorthGiving, while on a Mission to #EndBadGifting.  The Gift Curator held Birthday Blog Bashes through Facebook groups, with giveaways, games, and more. She also composed several manuscripts to engage the readers of her blog, (t.g.i.f. – with new posts every Friday). Some of the manuscripts include a five day gifting etiquette course, 28 Days to Renewing Your Spirit of Giving, and a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge. She also provided tutorials on Do-It-Yourself Flower Gifts, as well as a short series on Icon Givers (Coco Chanel, Mother Theresa, and Anne Frank).