Pen Pal Initiative

Dear EFMs*,

Thank you for accepting the role to live a life of discomfort and adversity that so few can understand, much less relate. You inspire me daily. Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me the last 14.5 years as I’ve accepted the challenge to traipse the globe in the shadows of my husband and children. It wasn’t always easy. And, thank you for sending me notes as I tried my hardest to make sense of the purpose of the pain. You enlightened me.

You made all the difference for me; to feel connected, part of something bigger. Now it’s my turn. If you feel alone, in need of a friend, or just want an eye on your story, please know that I am here for you, too. Let me extend myself in the same manner. While I may not always have the right words in my response, my heart will be in the right place. I understand that not everyone wants to share publicly, but I know many of us need a place to share safely.


Your PenPal


Result: Initial response was overwhelmingly positive, with more than 300 engagements on Facebook, two spouses reaching out through Messenger, and several other spouses curious and possibly interested in helping take the initiative further.
*EFM = Eligible Family Member, in the Foreign Service