Millimet Therapy

With a passion to see other businesses succeed, I am always looking for opportunities to use my writing and marketing skills to advance the goals of others. When long-time friend, Amy Millimet, MSW, LICSW, told me she was hoping to expand her business and client list but hated self-promotion, I jumped at the opportunity to help. After careful deliberation, a week later I had my approach and campaign slogan –  Live the Life You Want, Where You are Right Now.

Step One – Introduce Amy as an expert in her field.

Trained in psychotherapy, Amy Millimet, MSW, LICSW, is a Foreign Service Spouse with 15 years of experience helping others achieve the life they want to live. With her collaborative, team-building approach, she will listen effectively, then focus on your strengths and help you reach your goals. She wants to see you WIN at life!

Amy is skilled in areas of anxiety, relocation, life transition, relationships, parenting, professional stress, and more. Wherever you are in your journey, she will help you move forward and feel free to be you while doing it.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to her through her website, www.

Step Two – Recommend her services in a trusting manner.

Have you ever experienced a peace within that keeps you grounded as the world spins uncontrollably around you? Do you feel like you’ve lost it? Do you suddenly feel like you are spinning, while the world stays still? Do you want to get back to a place of peace and serenity?

Many of you know my story and my openness to share the trials of being an EFM for 14 years. I get you! I’ve felt alone a lot of the time. Afraid to share, to seek help, to give a voice to my concerns. It’s hard to trust someone with your life, your dreams, your thoughts, and ideas. It’s hard to put yourself out there, to give words to your feelings, and then leave it open to interpretation. That’s why good friends are hard to find, and therapists even harder. The relationship is delicate, dependent upon us to act, share, and recover. This life we live is extremely rewarding, but also very challenging. We are faced with hardship, culture shock, loss, and parenting stress that many of our friends and family back home just cannot relate to. But, we are social creatures and we need to be understood.

For ten years, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and becoming close friends with fellow spouse, Amy. She has so much to offer this world through her wisdom, her manner, and her genuine desire to help others. She is skilled in resilience training, parenting, anxiety, relocation stress, and depression. Don’t let the environment you’ve found yourself in today determine how you will live tomorrow.  Live the life you want, where you are right now.

Results – She secured two new clients within 24 hours of the recommendation.


*Please Note: This campaign was successfully posted within a private forum for trailing spouses in the foreign service.

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