Kidstretch is the preschool program connected to the non-profit organization Homestretch that empowers homeless families with the skills necessary to provide stability and care for a prosperous future.

As a Mother’s Day 2018 activity, I pioneered the first floral design class for kids for the organization. In addition, I instructed 10 preschoolers on the basics and mechanics of using flowers as art. The 30-minute program consisted of the following itinerary:

  • Introduction – Show the inspiration piece that will guide their own work
  • Discuss how flowers make us feel (happy/tingling heart) and how we will make something special for mom with that in mind
  • Present and pass around some of the various tools of the trade – Examples: floral tape, wire, dry floral foam, vases, apron
  • Talk about the names of the flowers the kids will be working with during the project.
  • Distribute prepped vases to the kids.
  • Reveal the bucket(s) of flowers.
  • Let the kids assist in the removal of any netting used to protect the heads of the flowers.
  • Assist in the cutting and distributing of flowers for the children to design their own arrangement.
  • Clean up the space.
  • Let the kids browse floral design books as they wait their turn to attach their name and take home sheet of fun facts and symbolism of the flowers used.
  • Say good-bye!

*Due to the nature of the organization, all photos of the event are kept with the Kidstretch staff and used for their purposes only. For more information, feel free to contact the office or find them on social media.




If you would like to plan a similar event for your kid’s birthday, preschool, club, church, or organization, please email me at

I’d love an opportunity to spread the joy of flower design with you!

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