Flower Guild

October 2017 – Present

What a blessing it was to overhear the words, “The flowers were beautiful this morning,” spoken between two church members as I walked down the hall.

Floral Design

  • Assist with conditioning and arranging flowers on a bi-weekly rotation.
  • Installed the insets for Christmas Eve service, seen by 1200+ attendees.
  • Designed the altar flowers used for the first service inside newly constructed Chapel.

Marketing and Donations

  • Scripted the caption of a group photo, to be used as needed by the church administration. (see below)
  • Reduced waste and time with laminated cards to designate arrangements for different service locations.
  • Collected donations for flower memorials during 2018 Christmas season.


Chapel Flowers, Stairway to Heaven; March 2018


In early March, members of the flower guild enjoyed a day of fun, fellowship, and flowers at the renowned Philadelphia Flower Show. Full of admiration for God’s divine hand in nature, these volunteers serve the church each week with inspired design that encapsulates the beauty and serenity of the world God has given us to inhabit.