You have 7 seconds 

to attract your reader’s attention.


Bad copy barely gets a glance. Email for content that earns a 2nd look.


Don’t let standard text keep you from getting what you want. Land that next client, dream job, gig, or sale with a message and design that entices. My portfolio includes 10+ years of experience in business development and strategy, with 5+ years focused on marketing and communications. I’ve helped:

  • Individuals
  • Start-Ups
  • Small businesses

My designer mindset, curious nature, and artistic hand can help you:

  • Pinpoint what’s not working
  • Align purpose with profit
  • Create compelling and effective narratives

Whether you need to update your resume or redesign your marketing message, I will listen to your objective, ask you targeted questions, and develop a strategy to give you The Power of Show + Tell. 

Are you ready to remove the barriers of communication, bring depth and insight to your message, and connect with your audience in a meaningful way? Email to schedule a FREE 15-minute introductory call. I’ll even let you do most of the talking.

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