Eavesdropping on God

I heard bells chime in the city center.

A voice said, “Go to my sanctuary.”

The crowd left; I followed.


I sat in the back, on an old wooden pew.


Those in white robes proceeded down the aisle.

A voice said, “Stand and sing.”

The choir rose.


Many in the crowd closed their eyes.

A voice said, “Clasp your hands.”

The child next to me knelt to pray.


A man of the cloth approached the podium.

A voice said, “Open your heart.”

The woman in front of me took notes.


Acolytes lit candles; the crowd moved in rows.

A voice said, “Abide and be at peace.”

I crossed my arms.


Those in white robes reversed their procession.

A voice said, “Follow me.”

The crowd turned with the Holy Word.


We left the sacred place.

A voice said, “Talk to me.”


I cried out, “When will you speak to me, Lord?”

He said, “Do you not know? Have you not heard?”


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