3 Reasons To Hire a Professional Resume Writer

So much of our identity is tied to our job title. The question, What do you do?, is synonymous with, Who are you? You need a resume and cover letter that fuses those questions in a succinct and elegant way. You need someone with a designer mindset to sweep in and pinpoint what’s not working; they know best how to rearrange, spruce up the space, or build something new.

As a resume writer, I LOVE that I get to help people not only focus on their strengths and accomplishments (which I find is a huge confidence booster for clients), but help them unleash the power they didn’t even know they had. Once clients see the potential of their performance at its fullest, they realize how they’ve really shortchanged themselves and possibly their careers. As one client indicated, “I could instantly see the difference and why my old resume didn’t work. My wife, a career coach, was very impressed.”

Another client was worried prospective employers wouldn’t give her resume more than the 3-second glance over. With a list of tailored questions, I extracted her work history and the vision of her identity, purpose, and passion. Then, I designed a story that reflected who she was and what she was capable of accomplishing. In her words, “The resume and cover letter looked amazing…[and I] recommended you to a few other friends who need similar help!”

Still not convinced you need to hire a professional? Here are my Top 3 Reasons it’s a must:

  • It prepares you for the job interview. The questions I ask get your brain working and thinking of all the things you’ve forgotten. You start to realize the impact you’ve made in your workplace. You find yourself forming sentences to potential interview questions and having the confidence to speak the truth about the wonderful things you’ve done — without coming across as bombastic or an ego maniac. You’ve got details on your resume and cover letter to back it up.
  • It’s an investment and economical use of your money. Many people won’t think twice about spending a couple hundred dollars on a new outfit and a haircut for an interview. If you don’t have a clear understanding of your skills and strengths, that’s just wasted money, followed by more money at the bar to soak in an alcohol bath you hope will drown your failures. Make your money work for you. Prepare your mind, focus on the right job, and then refine your look.
  • It alleviates the stress and time you’d expend on something you hate. I get it. We all can’t write amazing resumes and cover letters. Just like raising kids, finding a great opportunity and getting hired takes a village. You can’t be all things all the time. You have your skills and talents for a reason. To make a difference in that world. Let us writers make an impact on yours. We take this role seriously and enjoy doing it. Knowing we are helping others connect with themselves and be on their way to landing that dream job is a pretty damn good feeling.


Carla Gray is a freelance resume (and copy) writer, avid reader, wanderer, volunteer junkie, and floral designer. You can probably find her hanging out on LinkedIn or Twitter when she’s not screaming at her kids to stop eating sugar, working on her novel, or talking baby talk to her dog.


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