The Wine that Got Away

Krystal was a wine glass. She was handblown in a small town in Northern Denmark and shipped across the ocean to a store in New York City. She stood proud on the shelves, waiting for someone to admire her. Her hopes would get up each time a potential owner held her between their fingers. They would dangle her in their hand, feeling the perfect weight of her full body. A few times she made it to the register but then was returned to her display case. She wondered what was wrong with her. Was she too small, too big, too feminine, too expensive? For months she questioned her worth and wondered if she would ever find someone to love her.

Then one day, a young lady came into the store. She had a machine shaped like a gun, but thicker, with flashing red lights. It would beep ever so often. The girl stopped in front of Krystal and gasped, “What a beautiful wine glass. Don’t you think so, honey? We should add these to our registry.” And then Krystal was chosen with a shot from the gun.

A few weeks later, she was packed in bubbled paper and wrapped in a box with elegant white and silver trimmings. She was gifted to the newlyweds and received with excitement. Krystal felt her life was complete.

Her owner used her every Friday and Saturday night for years. Until one day, when a new glass made its way into the cupboard. The new glass didn’t even have a stem. Oh, the audacity! Krystal also noticed the letter ‘A’ sketched on one side of the glass. Krystal couldn’t understand why anyone, especially her beloved owner, would want to clutter the beauty of the glass with lettering. Krystal decided the glass must be made with inferior material and skill and therefore needed a disguise. Krystal stood lean and tall next to her short, plump neighbor.

Krystal knew things were changing. But, it happened much faster than she was prepared. One Saturday night, Krystal was left in the dishwasher and her owner used the glass with the ‘A’. Krystal felt neglected. And then her owner started sharing her during parties. She was constantly getting touched by strangers.

Krystal was beside herself. She liked the lips and hands of the one she belonged to and wasn’t interested in anyone else using her. Krystal also felt a little jealous when she’d see her owner putting her lips to another glass, right in front of her. Krystal started to feel like she was being tossed to the side, and didn’t like that feeling at all. She wanted what she used to have; to feel loved by her owner when she would come close, smell the aroma of the wine, and swish it around inside her.

Krystal couldn’t stop the thoughts and feelings from welling up inside her. Every new person that touched her made her angrier and angrier. Finally, Krystal couldn’t take it any longer. So, one night, when her owner passed her off to another stranger, Krystal wiggled her way out of the tight grip. As she fell to the ground, she saw the look of shock and horror in her owner’s eyes. She wished she could take her action back. She wished she hadn’t broken free. But, she had. And, she hit the tile floor and broke into hundreds of pieces.


This started out as a funny bedtime story about a wine glass and ended up a deep and dark Grimm Brothers like fairy tale. What went wrong???? Back to the writing pad!

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