Send Me a Letter

Dear EFMs,

The first phase of Operation Equitable Family Member is underway. The last fourteen years have had lots of ups and downs. There were many days I felt like no one understood, cared, or even noticed life was tough at the moment. For awhile, I drifted through each day believing something good must come from the years of hardship endured. That day is today.

If you feel alone, misunderstood, or misrepresented, I can relate. My project, The Dangers of Self-Actualization: An Evaluation of Needs for the Modern Trailing Spouse revealed we are not alone. There are others in our circle that feel the same way. Some of us are hurting, walking away, and looking for meaning.

Today, I’m taking a tiny step towards helping others never have to experience the de-meaning of life as I, and others, have unfortunately felt as a trailing spouse. Today, I am standing up against the hurt, pain, and ugly we face. Today, I invite you to join me in the solution.

Write me a letter. Send me your story. Let’s make tomorrow brighter!

With much love,

Your EFM PenPal



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