I #BravedTheWilderness

Hey, sis!

I know I don’t tell you how much I love you or how much you mean to me often enough. I know the distance between us the last 15 years has complicated things and kept us from being BFF’s like we imagined. But did you know you saved my life? It’s true.

About four and a half years ago I came to you with an idea. An idea that was too big for me to comprehend. I knew what the end game should be, but no clue how to get there. You said three words that day that scared the living bee-jee-bees out of me. Do you remember what you told me? “Start a blog.”

That was the most terrifying thing anyone has ever suggested I do. Honestly. You know; I was the kid that never raised her hand in school. How often would you hear me just offering my opinion or idea on a whim? You can probably count on one hand, huh? I was always the listener, remember?

And, yet, those words not only changed my life, they saved my life. They made me put on my big girl panties and brave the wilderness. They also gave me the gift of wholeness. Writing that first blog made me realize how necessary it was to me living as me. The moment I stopped writing, and started building a business, I felt empty. Lost. Confused. Sad.

Many days, I can’t believe it was so long ago. But there is still so much of my life that didn’t involve such intimate writing and now I understand why I wasn’t the person I wanted to be during that time. I was lacking the best part of me. The human part of me. The heart of who I am; the part of me that puts words together to share myself with the world.

So, sis, THANK YOU! I can probably never give you a gift in return that is as valuable as what you’ve given me. I love you. You are amazing!


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