Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Ahh, yes, a variant of the question, Who am I? It just might be the toughest question in an interview. I know it might be a little unconventional, but to best answer that, I think we should look at my name, Carla. There is so much weight in a name.

As a writer, I understand it can take a long time to pick the ‘right’ name for a character in a story. It instantly tells the reader something important. People can really live up to their name. And, I think I do.

Carla means feminine — I view myself as a woman who is sensitive to her surroundings, gentle in her manner, and carries herself with a smile. Think of the Southern Belle drawing it out – Nice to meet you Caw-luh!

While the name Carla may not be ‘unusual’ per se, it also isn’t really common. In fact, it’s derived from the name Carl. So Carla can feel quite familiar but unique at the same time.

It’s always interesting to meet new people and get their reaction to my name. It’s not like the name Anna or Thomas, which are known around the world. Many aren’t familiar with Carla and may even mispronounce it. Or, after leaning in a few times for me to repeat, they still don’t understand what I’m saying and pick a name they are familiar with. For instance, in Albania, there was one lady who always called me Corolla (which happens to be a German name). After a few attempts, I quit correcting her and just went on about my business. But, no, I am not a car; I am Car-la!

Until next time —

Simply live,




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