Proof of Existence

Well, I always heard that, as a writer, you know you are doing it right when the critics come out. I can officially say that I have an online hater. My blog post from a few weeks back painted a picture of my environment as a spouse in the foreign service. It really hit a nerve with someone.
It circulated on a popular hate website that likes to tear petty women apart. They painted me as an over-writer, who whined about her son not going to preschool, and someone pleading with others to let me work for them for free.
One of the comments was made by an adult that lived as an army kid. This person decided to rip me apart. They basically wrote a novel about everything wrong with me. Not my writing. But me. Like they know me. Based on the content of my blog. The content I choose to share.
Well. I was surprised by my reaction. I thought I would be upset. I just laughed. I realized everything this person posted was the exact reason I started my project in the first place. The attitude, the dismissal of the struggle, my personality, how everything about myself does not fit in the FS Spouse Mold.
So, instead of getting my feelings hurt, I had my feelings validated. And, now I have evidence of the attitude and feelings of those in the system that try to keep us silent.
Thank you, friends and family, that have been the support I needed to get through the hardest days of my life. Without your support, the sacrifices would not have been worth it. My story of survival would look a lot different. I love you. Have a blessed weekend!
Until next time —
Simply live,
Carla xoxo
My writing is UnCut, UnEdited, Just Raw.
Life is a Rough Draft.

2 thoughts on “Proof of Existence

  1. Mary Frances Ludolph says:

    You go, girl! Amazing that someone who reads how difficult it can be handling some of life’s larger challenges far away from a support network can take that reaction from your blog. Some people only hear what they expect, or see what they expect, or read what they expect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carla Gray says:

      Thank you sweet friend! I agree. I think some people project and judge too quickly and should be a little more curious about the bigger picture before they respond. 😘


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