The not so Fair-y Tale

Power ruins; stay humble.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful stay-at-home spouse, who followed her husband to a faraway, exotic, adventurous, and undeveloped land. One day, this spouse got very, very sick. The community’s Health Unit wasn’t sure if she had a tumor or what, because her belly grew and grew and grew.

The pain was so excruciating for the spouse, she had a very hard time standing. One day, while she was in the nurse’s station waiting for approval to see a doctor in a country with better facilities, her husband’s big bad boss entered through the doors. Because of the beautiful spouse’s condition, she was not able to give The Boss the respect that was expected. She could not stand. THE BOSS did not like it at all.

From that point on the beautiful spouse’s husband had to fight to make his voice heard. Things got very difficult for him, and a few months later, when the beautiful spouse got pregnant, put on bed-rest, and sent home to her own country, the husband was forced to invoke the Family Medical Leave Act so he could be by her side.

The beautiful spouse and her baby’s life were at risk, and many complications followed. After the husband helped his beautiful spouse get through such a difficult period, he returned to the faraway land to continue his work. But when he returned to the office, not a question or concern was raised, asking how his family was. And, he was never given much responsibility again.

The End.
Power Causes Brain Damage. The Atlantic.

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