Warm-Up Exercise, Getting my Brain in Gear

Well, I about dropped the ball on a contest I wanted to enter. I started working on the story a couple months ago, and then completely forgot about it. Until yesterday. I just happened to come across a little note that Writer Mag is having a contest, for stories under 2,000 words, accepting submissions until May 8.

Whew! I still have some time!

So, here’s a little warm-up I did to get me thinking…

More nervous than I’ve ever been in my life, I slowly make my way to the podium. It feels like eyes are watching every move I make, cameras flashing and blinding me. The three-inch black leather heels were the wrong choice. My brown hair is pulled back from my face in an elegant bun, my brown eyes popping out from the dramatic make-up application from the artist, and the famous, little black wrap dress drapes itself across my torso, camouflaging every bulge.

I glare at the crowd and imagine she’s there. I look towards the back of the large room, by the double-steel door, and keep my eyes focused at the little glimmer of light shining towards me. The bright lights force beads of sweat to trickle down my forehead. My hands shake as I hold my speech notes. I keep tapping the tip of my right foot on the podium base, to soothe my nerves.

Smiling, I say, “Good evening! I’m Isabelle, or Iz, as my friends call me. I think I’d prefer it if you called me that, too. I’m about to share something I’ve never shared before, so if we can call ourselves friends, it might make this easier.”

The crowd smiles, shifting in their seats. No one likes town hall meetings. They hardly ever draw a crowd. Except for tonight. Tonight the small room is crowded and news reporters are lined against the walls and in front of the stage. It was quite a surprise when they asked if I would start the meeting. Be the spokesperson for this topic and voice of this piece of legislation. The attention my story drew over the last few days has been surreal. But, it’s caught a nerve with the public.

Staying focused on the bright spot in the back, and feeling the impatience of the crowd to say something, I begin:

“Tonight, I would like to talk to you about…”

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