A sneak peek at my novel…

This is, by far, my favorite scene I’ve written so far. So, to give you just a snippet of background information – This is the first encounter between sisters, after many years of not speaking to one another, and unfortunately, it’s at a reception following the funeral service of their beloved grandmother.

Please keep in mind, this is still in the very early phases of rough drafting. There is still much work to be done, and it could completely change in the later phases. Of course, I’d love to get some feedback from you, any impressions you may have, etc. But please be respectful, in other words – DON’T MAKE ME CRY! Wink, wink – I doubt you would do that! xoxo


“Charlotte, it’s so nice to see you. How’ve you been?”

She’s not very good at hiding her displeasure of seeing me. I’m detecting a little scowl across her face. The way she is leaning on her left leg, hands fidgeting with the program across her torso and the slight swinging of her head from side to side. Good thing I read the book, What Every Body is Saying. I have everything I need to know just by looking at her.

Keeping a cool demeanor and a wide distance, I place my glass in front of my mid-section, turn to her, and say, “Hi, Claudia. It’s great to see you. Things are excellent. Denmark is beautiful, life is perfect. You? Still married, or divorced — again? What, is that husband #3 you’ve cheated on now?”

I’m not really sure why I’m so snippy. The past is the past, isn’t it?  Funny how you can just pick up right where you left off with some people. Like the years and distance did absolutely nothing to heal the hurt or change your mind about them.

Claudia rolls her eyes, and turns away from me, but not before leaning in close to my ear, holding tightly to my shoulder and says, “At least I can get a man. Your lonesome escapades raise eyebrows, sister. You are still the talk of the town. Maybe you should confess; we all wonder anyway.”

And, there it is. It doesn’t take much to hate her. The sudden onset of rage fills my body and it takes everything inside me to bite my tongue. I bite down so hard, I can taste blood in my mouth. My body is shaking so fiercely, I need to release the beast inside me. I turn to spit in her face, but it’s too late. She’s already striding down the hallway towards the food table.


Until next time –

Simply Live,



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