Choose Your Own Story!


Ding. Dong.

Skipper barks all the way to the door.

GEORGE: Calm down, boy.

George turns the knob.

GEORGE: Hi, Suzy. What a nice surprise! What’re you doing here?

Skipper wags his tail and greets Suzy with a lick on her hand. Suzy pets Skipper.

SUZY: Hey, dad! Hi, Skipper! Sorry to stop by like this, unannounced, but I wanted to drop off the movie I borrowed last week. I’m packing for my trip and thought I could check-in with you at the same time.

They walk to the kitchen. George motions for Suzy to take a seat.

GEORGE: No problem at all, honey. Me and Skipper were just about to have some dinner. You hungry? You know how these pups are — they love a schedule.

SUZY: Oh, yes, I remember walking him at the same time every day.

GEORGE: Well, that’s not such a bad thing, now is it? Dogs like to know they can rely on the ones they live with. What would happen to poor ol’ Skipper if I just didn’t feed him one morning and made him wait until I felt like it?

SUZY: Uhm, okay. Yeah. I guess that wouldn’t be too good, dad. So, what’s for dinner? Anything I’d like to eat?

GEORGE: Just some tomato soup, nothin’ fancy. But, Skipper, he’s getting his special protein mix tonight. Keeps him strong and healthy, you know. Thankfully, he never complains about food. Really, he never complains about anything. Just one content, happy little fella.

George looks Suzy in the eye.

GEORGE: It might do you some good to get yourself a pup. Get used to the idea of having someone else around. You know, before the big day.

SUZY:Dad! I don’t think I need a dog. Not right now. Life is hectic enough as it is, with wedding planning and all.

GEORGE: I’m sure it is, sweetheart. But, don’t you think dogs are great companions? They are some of the most loyal creatures on Earth.

SUZY: Not sure what you’re getting at here, dad, but…is there something you want to talk about?

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