Dissecting the Pages

Yesterday, something very special happened during my writing. Some of you may remember, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). And, I’m unofficially joining the crowd in hopes of finishing the novel I started in the Spring.

Last week was an emotionally tough week, and that was reflected in my inability to write. I knew it was more than a simple case of Writer’s Block and felt something wasn’t working with my story. In short, I kept switching from first-person to third-person, confusing myself and wondering how much editing was going to be needed at the end of the month.  Full of doubt in myself, I also started embracing the idea I wouldn’t be able to pull this thing off and would have to admit defeat, or break the story into two separate books, which I really didn’t want to do. 

After not reaching my daily word count goal for the seventh day in a row, yesterday, I turned to the archives of my favorite podcast 88 Cups of Tea for some inspiration and motivation. After an hour of listening to another author describe her writing process, I realized something major.

While I knew in the deepest heart of hearts that both narratives I was writing worked more powerfully together, I didn’t make the connection until late yesterday afternoon the reason for the disconnected view of the two stories.

I’ve never shared this much of the story line before, because honestly, I’m afraid it will change too much before I am able to finish, but I’m writing a story about what it takes to be truly authentic. When life throws everything at you, you become frayed (my working title). Eventually, that single thread will be pulled and the unraveling begins. To me, true authenticity means that when you pick up those threads, you create something that looks new, but the core of who you are doesn’t change. You can be exactly who you were, only more confident in yourself. 

The story of the main character in my book is being told from the first person view. She lives in the reality she builds from the imperfect information and the way her brain processes it. Many would say that is a fictional reality. The view from the third-person view reveals all the things the main character can’t see. The two must meet so she can form a genuine perspective and live in truth. Now that I understand the point of my writing, I am so excited to dissect the pages and (fingers crossed) turn it into something amazing!

I hope the SuperMoon of this week brought something spectacular into your life!  Please share and inspire us with your words!

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