The Secret Self

Week 3, Day 1 – Livin’ by Forgivin’

This morning, I stumbled across a powerful video. After praying and meditating on where to start our new week, I was having some serious road block. It didn’t seem fair to offer a summary of what forgiveness is, or it’s importance. The assumption is that we are all aware of the benefits of forgiveness and it’s importance in our life. The interesting part about forgiveness, rather, starts with our inability and fear to let things go. With our casual judgements of actions as bad (this goes for both our own & others), we begin to harbor toxic feelings, thoughts, burdens, resentments and bitterness.

Then, this video came across my path, like the crossing guard was finally putting down her stop sign and allowing me to continue down the street. Please take a few moments to watch it now before continuing with today’s post –

Not only did this video tug at my heart a few times, but it opened my eyes to see how secrets are an enemy of true forgiveness. Some secrets we hold on to have the power to shape our behavior and attitude, in the negative form. They can be divisive and disruptive in our relationships. To tell these secrets would cause us to face the truth, and possibly break the facade that gives the perception of our goodness.

After all, it’s a secret because we don’t want anyone to know. We try to fool ourselves into thinking it’s not a big deal. That we are keeping peace with our silence. Our pride and ego compare our secrets to the outward actions of others so we can easily rationalize ‘at least I didn’t do that.’

The comparisons do not heal. And, the comparisons do not make amends. Why? Because our mind knows the truth, the motive and the repercussions. We continue to carry the secret with us everywhere we go because we haven’t learned to forgive ourselves.

*Mindful Moments – Do you have a secret? Does this secret hinder you from loving yourself, forgiving yourself, and accepting yourself as you are – the beautiful and the ugly parts? Take a few minutes today to have a healthy dialogue with yourself (out loud or written) – and work towards reconciliation. Not all forgiveness requires reconciliation, but it’s vital to reconcile our differences within ourself. Apologize for whatever is holding you hostage, and forgive yourself today. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, or dramatic, it can be as simple as you want. Feel free to use words like “it’s okay, you’re human, we all make mistakes and I know you want to do better.” You’ll know it is real when the secret no longer causes you pain. When you’ve finished your moment, take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and slowly release.

*Grateful Graces – What are you thankful for today?


To be continued…Week 3, Day 2 – Break Free from the Chains of Negativity

New to the series? No problem. You can easily catch up, or start at the beginning and go at your own pace. Start reading Week 1 – Learning the Basics – OR – Week 2 – An Attitude of Gratitude.



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