Don’t be such a pig!

Week 2, Day 7 – Attitude of Gratitude, Recap

Gratitude is the most important ‘action of involvement’ that will lead us to a life of generous giving. It is the Mother of all virtues, as they say, and the foundation of our well-being. Without an attitude of gratitude, we suffer many physiological and emotional problems. When cultivated, it sets the rest of our life in motion and leads us down a path of optimism, contentment, health, peace, calm, generosity and resilience.

Throughout the week, we talked about the influence of our words, our choices, the paradox of choice, life without gratitude and the required involvement when we make the decision to be grateful. Practicing gratitude is not easy; it comes with challenges like any other lifestyle change and takes much effort. It requires us to recognize our dependence on others, to accept every part of life as a gift and the responsibility to acknowledge the willful actions of others.

The best news of this week is that gratitude can be cultivated and it works! Here’s a short video that tells us three reasons why it works, just in case we aren’t quite convinced & need more evidence –

Here are a few additional resources:

-Robert Emmons is the ‘father’ of gratitude research, a professor at UC Berkeley and the author of the book, Thanks!. You can find out more about his findings at the Greater Good website –

-Part of our desire to give well requires us to successfully manage expectations – here’s a great article from The Atlantic on ‘The Power of ‘Good Enough’’ –…/the-power-of-good-enou…/387388/

– A list of Four Great Gratitude Strategies.…/four_great_gratitude_stra…

– An interesting study I found this week showed that GREED is repaid with greed at higher rates than generosity. As our society becomes less and less grateful, we tend to give greed a more prominent place in our lives. This shocking find was somewhat disheartening and even more of a reason for me to cultivate gratitude within myself and my family –


*Mindful Moments – Find out where you rate on the Gratitude Quiz – . Take your time and answer each question thoughtfully and honestly. Are you surprised with your score? Where do you need to make the most improvement? What plan of action can you take to improve your attitude of gratitude?

*Grateful Graces – What are you thankful for today?


To be continued…

New to the series? Start at the beginning by reading Week 1 – Learning the Basics, or catch up with us with Week 2 – An Attitude of Gratitude.


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