America, let’s take a step back.

Please – S/he whom is perfect, throw the first stone.

My husband made a minor mistake the other day. Of course, I never do, so let’s talk about his, right?!  (Wink) A few hours later, my son asked a question and I told the truth, that his dad messed up. My husband was offended and wondered why I would take him down like that. I asked, “What’s wrong with making a mistake? Shouldn’t he see what happens and how you handle it? Correct it?”

The last few days, people have been overly emotional and charged. These emotions of being offended are lashing out, sometimes in unhealthy ways. The idea is that the world is watching America as a leader and that we shouldn’t have mucked things up. And, that somehow we already did. The media is bewildered by their mistake of projecting a winner and blaming those of a certain political party for sending the country into a backwards spiral. The disbelief of millions of voters that their candidate will not move in to the White House is fighting violence with violence – a solution that never works.

No matter how you feel, and we all have a duty to feel what we feel, when we feel it, we cannot live in that emotion. We need to take a deep breath. Remove ourselves from the illogical world of emotions. We need to take a step back and be rational. We need to be sane, for just a second.

In my daily online devotional, I came across this quote by Oswald Chambers, “A fanatic is one who entrenches himself in invincible ignorance.” Let’s be invincible. Not ignorant.

Worst-case scenario = President-Elect Trump was a YUGE mistake.

What if I said, SO WHAT?

Shocked? Did I just speak blasphemy?

What if I responded like I did to my husband?

What’s wrong with showing the world America makes mistakes too? Can we not lead by example through righting a wrong? Do we really believe it is better to mask the truth that we are not perfect? Is it not possible we come out even stronger as individuals, and as a nation, from this decision?

It’s what we teach our children; that it’s okay to make mistakes. Are we now refusing to live by our own words?

We are America.

Land of the free.

Home of the brave.

We know how to fight.

We know what is right.

When we fall,

We know that’s not all.

We will rise,

Because we do not fold.

We are America.


Until next time –

Simply live,


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