Practice Make Perfect

Week 2, Day 3 – Attitude of Gratitude

Yesterday’s reading encouraged us to promote healthy and positive dialogue within our energy space. These positive words give us the ability to stay optimistic when life gets hard. And, optimism cultivates a life of gratitude. Isn’t it great news that it’s something we can learn to do? Something we have the power to change and control for ourselves?

When we are mindful of our surroundings, we are able to see the simple blessings in our life just as easily as the big blessings. The only caveat – we must consciously participate in the activity until it becomes an automatic and natural habit. Recent research shows it takes an average of 66 days to form a life-changing habit. So, don’t lose hope when the habit doesn’t stick right away. JUST START OVER. It’s okay. It happens. It’s something that requires practice and we all know practice makes perfect, right? Keep practicing.

*Mindful Moments – “What are you thankful for today?” This simple question can transform your life by building a mind-frame of constant and consistent positivity. Do you have a place to journal your moments of gratitude? If not, what is holding you back? If so, how has it shaped your daily thoughts? (Here’s a concise article on some of the benefits for keeping a gratitude journal and 3 tips to make the attitude last –…/3-tips-make-your-attitude…) If you don’t already have something in place, go ahead and look around your house for an empty notebook, jar, box or something that you can use to create your own special place to keep your reflections. Decorate it up as fancy as you like! As you prepare your place, ask yourself what it represents to you. Is it a chance to start anew, start over or an additional opportunity to continue living a life worth living and giving?

*Grateful Graces – What are you thankful for today? Psst…starting today, you can record your Grateful Graces in your designated place and begin building a positive habit that will help you cultivate your Attitude of Gratitude when our little ‘retreat’ ends in a few weeks.

To be continued…

New to the series? Start reading Week 1 – Learning the Basics – OR – Start reading Week 2 – An Attitude of Gratitude.


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