Garbage In, Garbage Out

Week 2, Day 2 – Attitude of Gratitude

Last week, I shared with you the story of my Grandma K and her beautiful spirit of giving. Well, my Grandma D also had a beautiful spirit of giving. It was a very different style than my Grandma K, but it was impactful, nonetheless. My Grandma D did not give beyond her means, and her means were very small, but she was definitely a cheerful giver.

In all her hardship, she was an amazing example of how to be grateful with everything that came to be part of life. Never once did I hear her utter a complaint from her mouth. She was thankful for everything and humbled herself to truly believe she deserved nothing more than a heartbeat. We can learn an awesome lesson in this.

Words have enormous power. The words we allow to consume our mind overflows into our heart. When our heart begins to ache, we verbalize the pain through a choice to complain. While we may think it is a healthy approach to ‘dump’ and get it out, or that we have the ‘right’ to express ourselves and our opinions, I’d like to offer a different view today.

Stand up. Right now. Come on, you can do it! Now, wave your arms around yourself from left to right, like you are stretching your arms and/or back. Do you feel the energy and space around your body? Guess what?! We have control over that domain.

The words we speak are released into that space and have the power to give positive or negative influence. The words, whether they are our own or others, are heard by our ears. And, the mind processes spoken words regardless of where they originated. If we speak ill of ourselves or the unfairness of our situation, we process these words through our mind and into our heart. We allow our domain to be dominated by negativity and pain. (Psst…Don’t forget, sound travels, so really our words send positive or negative power into the space of others, too.)

In other words, when we give words negative power and space, we lose precious food that is needed to nourish our vulnerable hearts. We must choose our words carefully. What goes in, must come out – so let’s choose to give our domain a beautiful and positive influence every day.

*Mindful Moments – Print off or pull out a photo, a quote, a Proverb, anything that makes you smile. Stare at it, or meditate on it, for a few moments. As you look at it, bring positive words into your mind to describe it. What is it about that _______ that makes you happy? Write down the words that come into your head, speak them out loud (if you are brave) and give them power over your presence today. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for 2 seconds and slowly release through your nose.

*Grateful Graces – What are you thankful for today?


To be continued…Week 2, Day 3 – Practice Makes Perfect.

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Start reading Week 2 – An Attitude of Gratitude.



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