Is America too big to fail?

Some random thoughts as I stayed glued to CNN and BBC over the election results:

  • The only reporter I like is Hala Gorani. She stays true to journalism.
  • Is America ‘too big to fail?’
  • Clinton’s remarks singled out to women: I finally realized tonight the reason I could not, as a bona fide true Libertarian, support Hillary. It has taken me years upon years of knowing there was something about her that didn’t sit well with me. I’m talking all the way back to my childhood when she was First Lady. I’ve never been able to pinpoint exactly what it was, until tonight. As I watched her give her ‘inspiring’ speech to all the young girls watching and listening, I had to look away from the screen. My body language changed, the temperature of my body rose and my palms began to sweat. What was going on? I’ll tell you. And, it only took one glass of wine and two glasses of champagne to figure it out. (Wink.) I cannot and will not support another woman that plays into the narrative that I am a victim. I hold true to the American ideal that I CAN attain and obtain anything as long as I work hard and never give up. Isn’t this what she’s done her whole life? Continued to fight? I will not and do not ascribe to the narrative that my womanhood holds me back. Or, that I need to play upon the fact I am a woman to push my own agenda. That is the fight of the past. I’ve been told my entire life ‘I can do anything.’ Why, now, all of a sudden, do I need to view the world through a different lens?
  • Sitting on the edge of my couch early this morning, after only a few hours of sleep, I listened to the announcement that Hillary conceded and Trump would be making his speech momentarily. As an American overseas, I wondered how my day would go. The typical stereotype of Germans is that they are reserved and very controlled. But, after living here for over two years, I can attest to the fact that is far from the truth. They are just as emotional as any other human. And, I knew today’s results would not sit well with their soul. I contemplated not going in to work and hiding out at home. I also contemplated facing my fear and hearing them out. The latter won. I went to work. After the usual good morning greeting, instantly I was gobsmacked with the question, “How does it feel to be an American today?” The only reply I had, “I feel confident.” I’m confident that my God is good. I am confident in the power of prayer. I’m confident in the constitution of our great country and the system of checks and balances that have kept us together for over 240 years. Finally, I am confident in the people of my country that voted and made their voice heard. In late January, when President-Elect Trump is sworn in, I have hope he will wake up the next morning and think, “F*** (hey, that could be fart),  I am the President of the United States of America.” And finally act like it. Otherwise, we will point our fingers at him and scream, “You’re fired!”
  • To all my friends & family that feel vulnerable being a minority (LBGTQ, POC, etc) with today’s election results, please find comfort in the fact that nothing has changed. You still have millions and millions of people that love and support you and your right to pursue happiness. Don’t live in the fear. Live in the promise.

Until next time –

Simply live,

Carla xoxo



One thought on “Is America too big to fail?

  1. Carla Gray says:

    When I posted this publicly on my personal Facebook page, an interesting dialogue stared. Very respectful comments and interaction, nothing nasty. And, I had the opportunity to express my thought in a larger way. So if you didn’t see it on FB, here it is now –

    Hey! Thanks for reading my latest post with an open mind and taking the time to express your thoughts as well. I, too, believe that supporting one another, in any group, is important and necessary. I hope it didn’t come across as me not appreciating her point of view, or the struggle she has faced. I can respect her resilience while at the same time not quite relate to the manner in which she fights. I can say from outside my own personal idea expressed, I see the effect of this dialogue on my children as it is propagated in schools and general society. My daughter is relentless in her desire for all things to be fair. She points out EVERY unfairness and uses it as ‘evidence’ that the world is against her. She is nine. Then, there is my son that hears her arguments, the dialogue given in the school system and then assumes he must always give in to women and never fight for his own rights. It’s a tough situation and one that I do not take lightly. I think my main point is that when we choose to single out groups, by gender/race/what have you, we give the message that group is already at a disadvantage. Instead of building up, we get them thinking they are not worthy and must fight to be found worthy. Through the fight, anger, bitterness, etc flourish and you have the situation we have today across America. My son and my daughter are equal to me. They have equal rights and I do not want the message told to my daughter that she is less/more than her brother, and I do not want the message that my son thinks he is better/less than his sister. But the dialogue and the reinforcement of our leaders in this narrative are, IMHO, doing more harm than good. I cannot live in freedom if I live in doubt of my worth. Take out ‘the little girls’ from the quote and we speak equality. Add it in, I question why me/my daughter?


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