28-Day Journey, Week 1 – Recap

Week 1, Day 7 – Learning the Basics, Recap

We started the week with an introduction to the four types of people in the giving world. There are Givers, Receivers, Balancers and Empty Nesters. We reflected on the relationship between Givers and Receivers with the little known poem, The Giving Tree. We learned our brains are wired to receive pleasure from the act of giving. And, we made a nice little visual, our Spectrum, to determine where we are in our journey and where we want to be at the end.

As the week moved forward, we explored different motivations for giving, the toxic effects of over-giving, a few reasons for behaving like a Scrooge and how using an act of giving as a transaction hinders the benefits gained from generous giving. We determined that using standard measures of generosity is too relative and has the potential to breed an environment of competition, or to invoke the Law of Reciprocity and maintain a quid pro quo relationship.

Our approach has direct impact on our interpretation of what true giving means. To be generous givers, we need to use something that goes beyond the status quo. We need to look within ourselves and make sure we are Ready Givers.

*Mindful Moments – Giving is a personal choice and a personal quest. We choose to be generous, to be balanced or to be austere. What choice do you make? Before you answer, take a moment to reflect on the Spectrum we made at the beginning of the week. Along the horizon of our spectrum, we see the extremes of austerity and generosity. When you study your spectrum today, does that horizon and the different points have a different meaning? Do you have a better understanding of what it means to move along the base, or up and down within the horizon of the spectrum? Do you think you are exactly where you marked yourself at the beginning of the week? Do you want to end your journey at the same place you originally marked?

*Grateful Graces – What are you thankful for today?


to be continued…Week 2, Day 1: Great-ful or Grateful?

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