Playing with Fire

A little post Halloween fun for you! This was originally submitted as a writing assignment for my dialogue course with Gotham Writers. The instructor laughed at all the right places!

Hope you enjoy!

Tiffany: Excuse me…I kind of overheard your phone conversation and had to interject. I mean, really, how can you NOT like Halloween? It’s, like, the most fun holiday ever. You know, I met my boyfriend at a Halloween party. I was the Devil’s Advocate that year…oh, what a night.

Callie: That’s great. For you. But, it’s really none of your business.

Tiffany: Well, it is now. You were talking in public, after all. Are you one of those crazy religious nuts that can’t handle a night of witches and witchcraft?

Callie: Not even close.

Tiffany: Hmm, well okay. How about…OH — did an old boyfriend break up with you and make a big scene during a Halloween party, so now you swore off the holiday?

Callie: Wrong again.

Tiffany: This is tough. Uhhhm…I got it…your ancestors are from Salem and…

Callie: Alright, you want to know the truth? I don’t like anything about it. Dressing up? I don’t play pretend. I’m a realist. Candy? Can’t eat it, I’m on a no sugar diet. Haunted houses, scary movies? I’m highly sensitive to violence, gore and graphics. It takes too long to settle my nerves. I’ll have nightmares for weeks. And, don’t get me started on knocking on a stranger’s door. I’m introverted. That’s got to be, like, the worst thing, EVER. I’d better be dying and need an ambulance before that would happen. The anxiety alone…

Tiffany: Alright, alright. I get it, you big wuss. Put a sock in it. Maybe you should just loosen up and have some fun. Let your hair down and unbutton the top button. What are you, a librarian or something?

Callie: Exactly.

Tiffany: Oh.


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