Can I say N-O to Halloween?


Trick or Treat? Smell my feet; give me something good to eat!

Keyword: Good.

Otherwise, no thank you.

Really, no thanks anyway. I’ll sit this holiday out.

Am I the only one that feels peer pressure to celebrate Halloween when they don’t want to? I’m being serious, folks. I really don’t like anything about it. I hate dressing up, all that sugar makes me sick just looking at it, I’m highly sensitive to haunted houses and scary movies and will have nightmares for WEEKS. (EDIT: Actually, for years. I still have two recurring nightmares from when I was a kid and watched Lost Boys and People Under the Stairs. To this day, vampires scare me more than anything and I refuse to read anything other than Stephen King’s advice on writing. Call me a wuss, but it seriously mucks me up, folks. I simply can’t handle it. My emotions and imagination run amok, even with movies that are too graphic or too violent. )

Plus, the sheer act of knocking on a stranger’s door is nothing an introvert cares to do. EVER. Not even for a piece of candy that makes them feel sick. 😉 Talk about a night of terror…SCARY.

As a kid, I felt the pressure to go along with it because of my friends; I couldn’t be the only one who didn’t participate in the school costume parade. Now, I feel the pressure from my kids, their school, my Americans friends & family on Facebook parading their cute little tots in costumes, and surprisingly, Germans seem to like the holiday too. I’m surrounded by ghosts, goblins, vampires and zombies!!!!!  HELP! Get me out of here!

This is the first time I’ve ever spoken out about my opposition to Halloween. I usually just casually say things like, “I’m not really that crazy about Halloween,” or “the kids will LOVE that.” I know this is just another way I’m not part of the ‘cool’ crowd. I’m an outsider — again. Nothing new.

Maybe it’s my old age, and I’m tired of playing pretend; or maybe it’s the fact that I’m serious about accepting myself for who I am and I feel like I can finally say it – I hate Halloween. Sorry if you are offended, or if you just lost all respect for me. (Wink.) But, it’s true. I loathe October 31. So stop trying to make me feel weird! I think all you are weird!!!!

Until next time –

Simply Live (scare-free),


2 thoughts on “Can I say N-O to Halloween?

  1. Geovanna Garcia says:

    I belong to the “not cool” crowd and very happy this way… 🙂 like you, I don’t like/celebrate Halloween… I can care less if other people in my neighborhood participate as long as they keep me out if It! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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