Triangular Power

The last few days I’ve had an ongoing online conversation with another trailing spouse. Because of this discussion, I had a wonderful thought cross my mind. (Martina – if you are out there, what’s up, girl!)

Perspective has a hefty price attached to it. But, if you can afford it, it becomes priceless.

It is one of those thoughts that my mind continues to go back to, making every conversation with my husband relevant to this revelation. I can see how every situation depends on the perspective we’ve been given in life. How our decisions are made because of this, and how sometimes we want to reject the perspective we’ve been given when it doesn’t fit nicely into our narrative of how life is supposed to be.

In the course of a two hour talk with my husband this evening, he helped me cultivate a broader point – a triangular power. A correlation began stirring in my mind as I explored the areas of discernment, wisdom and perspective. How do they relate to one another? What is the most common denominator necessary?

It took me awhile, but I formulated a vision of how the three rise to power. My mind saw discernment and wisdom as the basis, the founding principles that pointed to perspective. But, most importantly, what I came to realize, is the common denominator in this triangle of power is TRUTH.


Until next time –

Simply live,

Carla xoxo

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