Babies learn sign language. 

Toddlers learn their voice. 

Little kids learn new words. 
Spell them.

Big kids learn to use them. 
Make sentences.

Teens learn how to manipulate them. 
Build stories.

Adults choose what to do with them.
Be careful.

by Carla D Gray


2 thoughts on “Words

  1. example42824 says:

    I REALLY liked your Words poem. I commented on it. Did the comment post? It still made me sign in to WordPress before it would post. So I had to create a password to sign in. Am I doing something wrong on Comments? If everyone who wants to post a comment has to sign in to WordPress to comment, you may be missing some comments.



    1. Carla Gray says:

      Not sure what is causing that problem. I have settings unrestricted. Sorry it is so frustrating for you, but I appreciate the effort! And thank you for letting me know you liked my poem. xoxo


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