The New America?

Having lived outside of the US for 9 of the last 13 years, I admit, my outlook and opinion of what’s happening right now is quite skewed. I am not in the midst of the culture, infiltrated with bias. I am unaccustomed to hearing political rants in person, and even unaccustomed to hearing the English language.

Every time I turn on my computer, I get BREAKING NEWS updates, ALERTS sent to my email. I pull up my Facebook account and get bombarded with a bunch of nonsense that (more than) half the time makes NO LOGICAL SENSE. I am out of the culture, out of the inside jokes and out of the grace needed to stand up for my country.

The picture of my country that is painted for me to understand and relate to, is well, very disheartening. It doesn’t make me proud, or connected to my fellow citizens. It makes me sad. It makes me not want to come home.

Above all, it is frustrating to know that while my husband and thousands of other Americans serve our country overseas, we are caught in the ugliest trap of playing referee, FOR YOU, to the rest of the world – all because you think it’s CUTE/COOL/WORTHY to bash and bully in a public format.

How many times can I really claim, “the America that is broadcast for us around the globe is not representational of the true America.”

Our arguments and rationalizations are wearing thin, my friends. SO – PLEASE – America, get a hold of yourself. Stop getting so damn caught up in every little piece of rhetoric that is spewed. Stop posting fancy little graphics that state, “Be the change,” and then turn around and post some nasty gram about a political candidate.

Have some decency, respect yourself and extend the grace that is needed to really BE the change you claim you want. 

Until next time –

Simply live,


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