The Girl Who Lost Her Smile


Simply moving
a tired smile.
Tight grip
and clenched bone.
Years of fight,
inhumane lands.
Beaten, trodden,
without any use.
The final walk
and its release.
Searching alone
at Earth’s edge.
Eyes divert.
Ears plug.
Mouths talk.
Hands full.
Buried beneath
the surface dread.
Weakened, rotted,
Lying atop the soil crumbs.
Weeping of the loss.
Atrophy to strength.
Awakening the soul.
Deeper and deeper,
nails burrow.
Hysterical reality,
sight unblocked.
Lip stain covers.
Cracks in the folds.
Wrinkles at the edges.
The girl always holds.
Carla D. Gray

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