Join Me Please and Let’s Write Together!

Well!  This year has sure taken some twists and turns so far!  After leaving behind the idea of building my own gift business, I felt like I was in the wilderness for a long while.  Thank you to those of you that sent words of encouragement, little thoughtful gifts, had coffee with me so I can vent my frustration, or just silently stuck by my side these last few months.

< I am so lucky to have you in my life. >

And that is why I want to open my heart and space to anyone that wants to join in the latest adventure I’ve gotten myself into – writing a novel.  I know, I know, it sounds so cliche.  But, it’s where I am right now and I want to share the ups and downs with you!  (Hopefully there will be more ups, though.)

I’ve created a group, called the Brain Trust, for three reasons –

  1. I like how it sounds.
  2. I want to pick your brain, get some feedback.
  3. I’d love to build some mutual respect between us.


It’s a secret group, but anyone is welcome to join and feel free to invite others that may enjoy it.  I’m only keeping it secret so certain things aren’t visible to anyone who searches on Facebook.  They need to at least be a member of the group to see how CRAZY I be. (Wink)  And, I don’t know how often or regular I will post, it will be on a whim most days.  But, if you want to give me some solid advice / feedback on what you, as a reader, like and don’t like, or give me some inspiration or cheer me ups on days when I feel like my writing is total and utter crap, I WANT YOU IN MY GROUP!

AND – If you are a writer, want to be a writer, or know lots of writers, join me PLEASE and help me learn the business of words!


Love you guys and thanks for being so awesome!
Now, JOIN! 😉


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