A New Story

Two weeks ago, a lightbulb appeared above my head.  The much anticipated idea of what to write flashed through my mind at a cataclysmic rate.  Within a few short days , I had my outline, prologue, title and firm beginning of a novel.

All was looking well in the world.

And then reality set in.  Self-doubt creeped it’s way into my mind.  This is utter crap. No one wants to read this boring story.  So, I took a break.  And, tried to pep myself up.  It didn’t work.  So, I distracted myself–with other books, more accomplished writers that I can learn from and aspire to be.


Reading this year has shifted the way I enjoy books.  Instead of indulging the author in simple pleasures, I look at them with more critique.  And, it’s put me into a reading rut.  Of the last handful of books I’ve read, I’ve truly only enjoyed one.  Somewhere along the middle of the story I lose interest.  I make myself push through the dry, dull script out of respect to another author that I know is trying their hardest.  That’s when I realized, I have a very tough road ahead of me.

Of course, the story I’m writing is important–to me.  But, will it resonate with others?  Will they find any value in my prose?  Or, will they get bored in the middle of it as well and give me a low rating, or worse, recommend that others DO NOT read my book?

Gasp. GASP. Gasp.

<Oh, Carla, you are getting way ahead of yourself. You don’t even have the thing finished.  You’ve only written about 11.5213333% of the story.>

Since the break to read / study failed to spring my spirits out of suppression, I turned here, to my blog.  I concluded the format, the title, everything about it was all wrong.  There is no longer a daily trance.  My mental energy is focused on my story.

That’s how and why the name, layout and everything changed on the blog.  A fresh start, to showcase my writing, not the clever images I find on Pixabay.com.  A way for others to learn more about my writing, what I’m discovering about myself and the writing process and to  <hopefully>  position this site as a valuable information hub for the reader’s market when the time comes.

But don’t worry.  My writings will stay true to character.  That’s why I put the tagline – Scripted from the Soul.  This is THE PLACE to let my heart wander, and I don’t want that to change.


Until next time –

Simply live,



P.S.  A calculator was used to determine the percentage of words written, 8,641, divided by the goal, 75,000.  Because I’m a numbers gal like that!




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