The Tour of Donuts

If you ask my kids what they miss most about America, you can expect their answer to involve junk food – ring pops, nerds, pancakes, macaroni & cheese, donuts and cereal.  You can imagine the excitement in the house when Dunkin’ Donuts opened a shop in the train station, and then another one a few months later in the big mall downtown.  My son couldn’t contain his cravings, one [early] Saturday morning he grabbed his allowance and made the 45 minute trek to the train station for a SINGLE donut.  (Dude, come on, at least make it worth the effort!)  A few weeks later, he took his bike, halving his trek time and doubling his order to two donuts.

We like to give him a hard time about that, but really my husband and I were pretty impressed he took the initiative to go after what he wanted.  Today he is turning 13, and so, I’ve taken some time to do a little reminiscing.  It’s stories like this that let me know he’s going to be one fine young man.

I can’t say that his life has been super easy.  In fact, he’s faced several hardships over the years.  But, he’s always managed to keep his cool, and take each situation with grace and optimism.  He’s taught me a lot about love, and being a ‘good enough’ mother.  Because of his love shown to me, I never feel inadequate to help meet his needs.  He’s a really amazing guy.  And, I am so proud of him.

So, as he puts away his childish ways and starts to gradually become a man, I wanted to give him what he really wanted.  A tour of donuts!  This morning, I made my way around the city of Hamburg and stopped at six different bakeries and donut shops to get a variety of donuts for him to enjoy a blind taste test when he arrives home from school.  I decorated his room with streamers, balloons and an English ‘Happy Birthday’ sign – much easier to find in Germany than one would expect, by the way!  I also did his chores, so he can just relax.  He gets to be ‘boss’ of his day.

This is how it works –

  • Keep donuts out of sight for participants.
  • Blindfold each participant.
  • Each round consists of one bite of a donut.  (Cut the donut into four equal parts to give each participant a ‘just enough’ taste.)
  • Each player must correctly guess the flavor and the shop.  One point is given for each answer.  If no points are accumulated during a round, they get a whipped cream pie in the face.


Who wants to play with us?!

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,


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