You know it’s going to be a good Monday when you realize you are wearing two different socks.  Thanks to the KonMari Method of decluttering and putting the house together, I no longer match my socks the same way.  Instead of stretching out the top of the socks to keep them together, she recommends rolling them from top to bottom and then storing them on their side in the drawer, so they look like a colorful array of RolyPoly’s.  (The RolyPoly image is mine, though.)

Since I started organizing my socks this way, I can tell a difference in how they stay up better.  They aren’t all stretched out and feel more comfortable around my ankles.  Go figure!  Anyway, this morning I reached into my drawer and thought I only grabbed one rolled ball of socks.  But, I mistakenly grabbed two pairs and a single sock fell to the ground.  I quickly glanced at the socks in my hand, and they looked the same to me in the dim light of my room.  I threw the single sock into my drawer and went to get my shoes on so I could head out the door.

Once I looked down at my feet, I realized they were two completely different colors.  One was blue and one was charcoal.  Oops!  I briefly pondered heading back to my room and getting the match to one of them.  But, then I decided, it was fate.  In my 37 years, I’ve probably only had this happen one other time.  I know, right?!  You might call me a control freak, since I like to keep things in order.  No deviations, please!

Remember this year’s theme – CHANGE?  Every now and then, I get a little nudge in my head to relax and just let things happen.  Oh, how hard that can be for me.  Especially since so much of my life is left to ‘fate’ – or rather, the control and discretion of the State Department.  All the little things become big things, and I want to feel like I have control over that little domain.  Otherwise, I’m like a cat getting her claws ready for a fight.  (Like the dramatic scene?!)

Today, I accepted the call to wear my mismatched socks – a simple attempt to remind myself not to be so rigid.  So, I proudly rolled up my jeans to let the ‘world’ see my different colored socks.  I paraded around the grocery store like I didn’t have a care in the world.  Because I didn’t.  What did it matter?




Until next time –

Simply live,



4 thoughts on “MissMatched

  1. gorunfrolic says:

    Haha! I’ve recently done the Konmari challenge as well. I’m a bit stubborn, so while the t-shirts are still filed upright, my socks are not rolypolies anymore. I shall be starting round two this week. Maybe I’ll find a new look!

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