The Bar

The Writer’s Digest Annual Competition deadline is in just a few weeks.  With all the emotional and psychological writing I’ve been doing lately, I kind of forgot all about it.  So, the other day, I pulled up my list of contests I wanted to enter this year.  Having the deadline forces me to work towards a goal, rather than just haphazardly going about my writing.  Which is what seems to be happening right now.

At first, I thought, oh I don’t have enough time to write something new, let it rest, revise it and send it in all the way from Germany.   Yes, I was trying to give myself a pity party.  Or, an excuse.  But, it didn’t work.  I remembered my old collection of handwritten poems, stashed in my accordion file I keep close to my computer.

Most of them were written at least ten years ago.  I was afraid they would be really bad and need a lot of work, or not even worth salvaging.  To my surprise, I enjoyed them.  I could even remember where I was and what I was thinking when I wrote them.  Pretty wild experience.  So, I picked four of them, from a stack of ten.  I made a few minor revisions and decided these are the poems I want to submit to the competition.

Perhaps they’ve been waiting all this time for some recognition.  Today, I am going to give them their contest debut.  I filled out my entry form, have my fee ready, poems typed and my heart in good spirits.  Not because I think I will win, but because I am entering my second contest of the year, and my first poetry contest ever.  It feels good (and scary) to pursue my dream.  For so long, it felt suppressed.  Maybe one day soon I will even look forward to my first rejection letter!

But, before I go, I want to share a silly little poem I found in my pile.  I must have written it during my college years.  I remember going to the ‘bar’ a lot on Thursday nights, for Ladies Night and free entrance.  Since I’m not a beer fan, I would just dance the night away, and get caught in the rhythm of the music.

So, here it is, making it’s own debut, a poem like none of my others, The Bar.  (And, unrevised to give you the full effect)

The beers,
The cheers,
The tears.

The scope,
The hope,
The “Nope.”

The lights,
The fights,
The Good Nights.

Until next time –

Simply live,



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