The Wisdom of the Owl


Perched on his branch,

I glare in his direction.

He taunts me and probes me,

asking a single question.

Hoo. Hoo.

The wonder of the world,

the unfaltering desire to know.

What is the meaning,

the direction to go.

Hoo. Hoo.

Turning inward for the answer,

the changing of the tide.

Not understanding what calls,

I look again with pride.

Hoo! Hoo!

Remembering the past,

longing for future vision.

The time has come,

to make a final decision.

Hoo! Hoo!

The wisdom of the owl,

with his gentle nudging.

Who will you become,

strong to resist all budging?

Who? Who?



written by Carla Gray


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