Romancing the Idea

Several months ago, I wrote this little poem in my notes section of my phone.   I was determined to use it in the future or somehow expand on the idea and lengthen the prose.

Today, the words were so loud I wanted to cover my ears. I have this romantic idea that I can actually make a difference in the world.  I’m just not sure exactly how to do it.

This year with my devotion to writing I hope to find what I can do to make the world a brighter place. Ultimately, I would love my writing to be my little romantic idea.  It’s only March so there’s a far way to go but I thought I would share my little poetic inspiration with you today –

I’m a writer and a fighter,
A soul with a goal.
Gotta take it to make it,
The chance for romance.

Of course, the word romance is used to convey the romantic idea I can actually make a difference.  In order to reach my goal I have to take whatever comes my way. If I give up or give in, my soul will not settle.

The expansion of this poem needs a stanza on how to get through the challenges. That’s what I’m currently up against. Getting through to get it done.

Alright, so I’ve inspired myself today. And now I’m going to work on the next part of this poem. Want to help me? Write your thoughts in the comments!

Until tomorrow  –

Simply live,


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