I saw this image on Unicef’s Twitter page the other day.  It speaks volume to me and my approach to the new mini-series, A Tale of Two Blogs.  I’m finally sitting down at the computer everyday and writing my story of the last ten years.

There have been challenges.  There have been celebrations.  Each experience adds flavor to my life, my outlook and my interpretation of the world.  The journey of experiences can only go so far, though.  It reaches a point that calls out, NOW WHAT?  WILL YOU CONTINUE EXPERIENCING, OR ARE YOU GOING TO STOP AND ACTUALLY LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF NOW?

Writing allows me the time to process what has happened.  It gives the emotions and the repressed feelings a voice, a chance to float to the surface and be heard.  It completes the story and builds the future.  Each word lets me discover who I am, what I think and what I want in my next ten years.  (Does that remind you of an old country song, or is that just me?)

So, today, I want to take a moment to reflect on the first few chapters of my tale.  When I started the post, A Tale of Two Blogs, I had no idea I had so much to write.  It was supposed to be a 500-750 word essay.  Now, it’s time to start chapter 4 and I’ve barely skimmed a single event of the last decade.

As I read over the posts, I realize a significant part of the story is missing on Day 1.  Let me share it with you now –

Lying on the couch in the humid climate of Ghana, I can barely find a comfortable position.  After three days of no relief, I can take no more.  The abdominal pain is excruciating.  My only focus is on getting to a local hospital, as soon as possible.

Wishes of a sterile environment and American medical standards are at the bottom of my list of concerns.  The only thing I want to happen is to find out what in the world is happening to my body.   Why can’t I stand?

I hunch my back and fight convulsions as I slowly make my way to the car.  My husband drives me to the newly built, high-tech hospital.  A mere 25 minutes away, and a drive where the road has not been paved.  Thankfully, our Land Rover takes the dirt holes with a fair amount of grace.

After a run through of tests and an ultrasound, the conclusion is that I’m pregnant!  The pain I’m feeling is one of two scenarios – 1.  I’m feeling the actual moment of conception pass through the fallopian tubes.  OR   2.  I have an ectopic pregnancy that will require surgery within a few days.

Four days later, I return for a follow-up visit.  Progress has been made…the egg found it’s way to my baby center!  Relief is washed over my body as I contemplate what the future holds if this is how it starts…

A bit of foreshadowing?  I would think so!

Continue the story here.


Until tomorrow –

Simply live,



photo credit:  Unicef’s Twitter page & VoicesofYouth.org

New to the story?  Start reading here!

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