The Cost of Productivity.

Today, I am marveled by the amount of stuff I accomplished this week.  After finishing yesterday’s post, and listing all the tasks of the week, I went on to clean our junk HALL / CLOSET – not just a drawer – dispose of two bags of paper recycling and four bags of regular trash, plus another bag of donations and a bag to send to the recycling center.  I also cleaned the hamster’s cage, mopped all 2000+ sq ft of wood floors, cleaned the bathrooms, did six loads of dishes (maybe not so many, but it darn well felt like it), finished five loads of laundry, cleaned my husband’s bar (Happy Valentine’s Day, Love) and managed to take a nap and give myself a little spa treatment.


As I reflect on my level of productivity, I realize the only reason I was able to get so far ahead for the week is because my husband was out of town all week.

Bah duh bing.

That’s right.  On a regular weekend, I would not be cleaning or doing laundry.  That’s reserved for Monday when no one will bother me and I can knock it all out at once.  This week was totally an anomaly.  I wish I could say I just got the fire under my belly and will be this productive for the rest of time.  But, NO.  It ain’t gonna happen.  Not until the hubs goes away for a week again.

That’s just how it is.  I can either be ‘house’ productive or I can enjoy my family.

I usually choose my family.  But, sometimes I choose a book, or my computer to write a blog post or a poem, or a story.  But, I RARELY choose to clean or get the house in tip top shape.  That just drives me crazy because I know the kids and my husband will tear it apart shortly after I’m done.

Anyways, the feeling of being ahead of schedule feels pretty good right now.  It’s like a nice little Valentine’s Day gift for me.  I know tomorrow when my husband is home for President’s Day, I can just spend the day with him without stressing about how my Tuesday is going to be all messed up with trying to get my cleaning done and my Tuesday stuff done.

Oh, I just want to enjoy the bliss for a few moments.

Ahh….and, there it is.

Bath time for the kids….

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,




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