Feeling Accomplished.

The last several months I’ve been putting off taking care of some much needed organization and facelifting around the house.  I’ve tried to take the simplest approach to decorating and use the force of decluttering to help me feel balanced and calm with my surroundings.

With two kids and a husband, the clutter can pile up without me even buying anything.  Kids drag home a pile of stuff each week from school, and my husband accumulates clutter from work.  It is never ending.  The recycle pile of paper trash is always overflowing and I just can’t take another day of staring at a brown paper bag in my kitchen.  HELP ME, SAVE ME, I’M DYING.

So, I pulled myself together and got to work.  Here’s what I accomplished this week –

  • Instituted a new rule to take paper recycling out each day – no more brown paper bags!
  • Ordered two new art prints to frame for the living room.
  • Made a trip to IKEA with a friend and got my inspiration flowing. (Hence, the two new art prints I ordered – inspired by this piece right here – http://www.ikea.com/de/de/catalog/products/90151042/)
  • Found a few awesome shelving options for our bare walls.  (I’m digging this one, but it might be a little small – got to find the measuring tape – http://monoqi.com/de/kategorien/wohnen/nutsandwoods/eichenholz-wandregal.html )
  • Let my friend design my sideboard table in the dining area.  (I was at a complete loss and let it pile up with clutter. UGH.)
  • Finally purchased a frame for my husband’s antique map of Hamburg.  (Only took me 2 years.)
  • Made a list of all my ‘wants’ to redecorate and spruce up the house for the remaining months of our tour!  (I like lists.)
  • Found a painter to paint an accent wall in our living space.
  • Promised myself I would start floral arranging again next week.  (Although, I’ve done that for 4 weeks now, so…)
  • Started this month’s writing project on the dangers of self-actualization – it’s looking pretty good, I like where it’s going!
  • Cleaned off my desk!
  • Made the final revisions on my flash fiction story contest entry!  Woohoo!  BIG NEWS!


Now, I just have to clean the hamster’s cage and my scrapbooking supplies that haven’t been used in years….

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,


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