Track Your Happiness.


How often do you let your mind wander?  Many days, I feel like I live inside my head more than my reality.  Have you ever wondered if the wandering is good or bad for your level of happiness?  And, I admit, on days when my mind wanders the most, I feel the most depleted and least satisfied with myself and my accomplishments.

Perhaps, inherently, I knew there was something to that.  Recently, I’ve been posing the question of whether or not Curiosity leads to satisfaction or dissatisfaction of life.  When I stumbled across this TEDed video today, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.  How correlated are curiosity, mind-wandering and happiness?

While it may not answer all the questions I have, I do think it offers a great introduction into the topic I hope to research and express more throughout the month of February.  It’s the perfect time to find a new way to love ourselves and our lives!


Interested in more – download the app from iTunes

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,



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