My four word story.

Not too long ago, a friend tagged me in a Facebook post asking me to write the happiest four word story I could imagine.

My story – The sun always rises.

Even though the time it happens may vary from day to day, we can be sure it will happen. There will always be some light for us.  We won’t live in constant darkness.

Pretty uplifting isn’t it?

So – when was the last time you watched the sun rise?  It’s been a few years since I’ve taken the time to stop and watch it slowly make it’s way in the sky.  To be honest, I think I take for granted the sun will always rise and ‘forget’ to reflect on it’s inspiring effects.

This week, my husband decided it was time to venture to the famous fish market of Hamburg.  One of the longest running markets in history, dating back at least 300 years, we couldn’t believe we hadn’t taken the time to see it.

After our alarm sounded at six a.m. this morning, we rolled out of bed, dressed ourselves and loaded into the car.  We drove around the lake and to the port; ready to watch the sun rise over the river.  We met some friends, enjoyed a fried fish sandwich for breakfast, listened to a band play and woke up the city.




What is your happiest four word story?

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,

2 thoughts on “My four word story.

  1. sgerock says:

    This really made me think. My four word story is “I get another chance.” I feel that way every day when I wake up – that God is giving me another chance to try to get things right. No matter what the previous day was like, I get another chance!

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