I asked myself this morning, does my intention to write count towards my commitment to write?  I didn’t know how to really answer that question, so I decided to argue both sides in my head today.  Maybe something would reveal itself in the process.  I wholeheartedly believe in the quote by Joan Didion –

I don’t know what I think until I write it.

A Short Argument for No – If I’m not actually getting any words on paper, it doesn’t count.  In order to meet deadlines, etc., I would need to make sure I get an appropriate amount of words written every day.  Stephen King suggests 1,000 words a day.  I think my current blog posts average about half that.  But, my blog is not the only thing I’m writing.  Once I finish here, I start working (wink).  I write for contests, my monthly projects and for fun.

A Quick Argument for Yes – What about days when no words seem to make their way to the tips of my fingers?  Does spending the time I’ve committed suffice as dedication to the cause?  If I’m not off having daytime parties all the time, and actually sitting my booty in front of the computer, researching and brainstorming, doesn’t that count for something?  Can I really expect myself to produce something creative EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Those arguments led me to take a look at other situations in my life and analyze if my INTENT is enough to reach success.

For instance, is my intention to be a good mother enough?  Probably not.  What about my intentions of making dinner, only to leave everyone hungry in the evening?  Do I get credit for thinking about food, or standing in the kitchen staring at the stove without producing anything?  Probably not.  What if I only intend to pay my internet bill?  Will my intention keep it working weeks after it’s due.  Absolutely not.

So, I first concluded – Good intentions are not good enough, unless they lead to action.  But, then, I told myself, “Wait just one darn tootin’ minute, Carla.”  Go back to the last question in my argument for Yes – I mention creativity.  I think that is the key here.  I can still be a good enough mom without being creative everyday.  We can still eat dinner every night without making creative dishes all the time.  The magic of creativity enhances the role of motherhood, or the flavor and enjoyment of food. They make it memorable.  But, it doesn’t happen 100% of the time.

Then, I asked myself – “Well, how does creativity work?  How does creativity change the way we work and what we can expect of ourselves?  Can I increase my level of creativity to increase my level of output?”

Oh, I think I have asked too many questions today.  My head is kind of spinning.  I feel like I need to do more research.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I can always take the simple approach like mentioned in yesterday’s post.  I don’t have to complicate things.  I can write and even if today it isn’t great, or even good enough, eventually creativity will make it’s way back to me and I can improve and impress upon my work at that time.

But, in the meantime, just as I need to actually work at being a good mother, I can’t just sit around and have the intent to be a writer.  I have to be a writer.  A good writer, or a bad writer – thankfully, that wasn’t my question.

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,



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