When my house is dirty, it’s NOT what you think.



You’re busted.

A silly set of words, for sure.  But, it’s a silly set of words that we share in our family when someone is caught not taking care of their business.

My son was home today for parent-teacher conferences.  Part of the deal was if he takes care of his stuff first, like homework and cleaning his room, then he could play video games until the sun went down.  (Which right now is a little after 4pm.)  He agreed.

Meanwhile I was busy taking care of my own stuff, like reading and checking emails, maybe doing a load of laundry or two – basically anything to help me procrastinate writing today’s post.  Oh, I assumed he was being responsible and true to his word.

Big, fat, HA!

Instead, I found a cereal bowl near the computer, chip bags and jolly rancher wrappers near the PS4 and dirty socks on the floor.  His room was “the devil’s cave” as he put it, and soccer gear was everywhere.



You’re busted, man.

Ninety minutes later…and after working together, we filled a bag of trash, a box of recycling and two paper sacks of donations.  My son actually said he had fun.  WHOA.  That was unexpected.  Who knew cleaning was great bonding time?!

That’s when I started thinking about how we like to use metaphors pertaining to parts of our homes – for example, he must have some big skeleton in his closet.  Or, it’s time to clean house.  I have no idea why we like to use such phrases, but they definitely give us a visual, don’t they?

My train of thought went even further, thinking of how I usually have an epiphany when I clean the house.  (Read a past post about that here.)  Today, there was no epiphany during the cleaning, because I was too busy talking with my son.  However, Epiphany arrived at my door not long after the cleaning was complete.

She dropped this little something by for me today –

When I’m cleaning house, I’m also cleaning ‘house’ (aka, my mind).  I know my mind wanders and tries to process all the information it’s received since last time, and it just might bring up some hurtful and/or unpleasant thoughts, trying to ‘clean’ it out of my system.  When I avoid cleaning my house, I’m also avoiding cleaning my ‘house.’  If I’m not ready to go there just yet, I may let my house stay dirty for a little while, until I’m ready to scrub the dirt and grime away.



I’m busted.


Until tomorrow –

Simply live,


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