Day 32: Reflecting on the Past

The beginning of July was the last real post I wrote for my old blog,  A part of me has avoided looking at it for fear of wanting to return.  Part of me has avoided looking at it to shield myself from feelings of failure.

This morning, a little voice inside me said it was okay, almost necessary to take a peek at my old work.  Honestly, the hope was that some of my old stuff would inspire my writing today.  There are 11 or so posts currently in my DRAFTS folder, waiting for me to finish.   And yet, today, I had nothing to write.  My mind was blank.

So, I swallowed hard and hit the ‘enter’ button that led me to my old playing ground.  I read a few of the posts and was pleasantly surprised with what I found.  Without trying to sound arrogant, I kind of impressed myself.  Does that ever happen to you?  In the middle of it all, it feels like it’s nothing special, but then months later, when you’ve had a break, you take another look and think, “WOW, I did that!”

That’s exactly how I felt today.  I felt good about what I created, what I shared and what I accomplished.  I loved looking at my old blog, even made me miss it a little bit.  Working through the emotions of why and what I missed about the old blog, it became apparent that I enjoyed creating little series.  I had an Icon Givers series (my favorite), a DIY Flower Gift series and a Shop Feature series.  Each series offered something special and unique, seen from my point of view.

Now that January has ended and it’s the first day of February, it’s time to reflect on what was and press forward to what will be.  January had it’s own successes.  I feel good about where the month ended.  I have my little ‘circle of trust’ group that is supportive behind the scenes.  I’ve written a few pieces that I’m really proud to share, and I’ve completed my first project that helps me discover who I am and where I fit in this big, bad world of ours.

February is a new month.  It’s the love month, and a Leap Year.  That means I get an extra day to spend with you!  heart, Heart, HEART.  Thank you for all your love and support last month.  I am so glad you are here with me, so I don’t feel like I’m typing to myself.  That wouldn’t be any fun.

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,


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