He Took My Book

Towards the end of last year, my husband made a bet with my son.  He bet that he couldn’t solve a Rubik’s Cube without cheating.  My son took on that challenge for a brand new PS4. My husband was sure he would win and my son would stop asking for a new game console.

Fast forward six weeks….SOLVED IT.


My son is so proud of himself (which he should be), that cube is standing on it’s shelf like it belongs in a museum.  NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH IT OR GO WITHIN FIVE FEET OF IT.  It is currently his most prized possession.  The hours, sweat, tears (wink) and confusion shed over that little puzzle taught my son a few lessons –

  • Never give up
  • Accomplishing a goal feels good
  • Don’t make a bet you aren’t willing to lose

This weekend was the big weekend.  My husband and son took the train over to Frankfurt to visit the Military PX and come home with the reward.  You can probably imagine the euphoria wavering in the air around our home this week, leading up to the moment of departure.

Meanwhile, I’d started reading the highly acclaimed book, All the Light We Cannot See.  I was looking forward to a little quiet weekend with just my daughter and I, relaxing and reading.  I sat the book on the ottoman in the living room.  My husband saw the book, decided he should take it on the train to read and left me without my weekend companion.  (Insert sad face here.)

Somehow, I think my husband knew what he was doing all along.  Because he took my book, I felt lost and unsure how to spend my time.  I didn’t want to start a new book and get invested in another story, I WANTED MY STORY.  Since I couldn’t have it, I was just going to have to wait until later.  So, what to do, what to do?

First, I took my daughter out for breakfast, then shopping for her friend’s birthday present, followed by a nice lunch.  On our walk home, we stopped and picked up some flowers.  Pink and ivory roses, because they made us smile.  When we got home, my daughter headed straight to the computer, I took a nap.  A nice, long nap.  By the time I woke up, it was time for dinner.  We colored until it was time for my daughter to fall asleep.  (Yep, I have an adult coloring book.)

Lost in my free time again, I tried to find something to do.  It all gave me a headache.  I went to bed early.

Since I slept most of Saturday away, I was up and ready to go Sunday morning, still without my book to read.  UGH.

I cleaned my daughter’s room.  I cleaned the hamster’s cage.  I vacuumed the house.  Washed towels and sheets.  And, ironed my pillowcases.

That’s when I’d had enough.  He did it on purpose.  He took my book so I would clean the house.  He’s so smart.

But, I’m smarter; that’s why I didn’t clean his side of the room.  (Wink, wink)

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,






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