An Open Letter to all you Independent Sales Recruiters

Dear Sales Lady,

I understand you don’t know who I am.  I understand you don’t know my back story. And, I understand that you are trying to build your team and make higher commissions.

But, please understand that when I say, “No thank you, it’s not a good time,” I mean it and bugger off.  Please understand that pushing your agenda in my face with another email is rude and annoying.  And, guess what, because it’s like that, you just lost a sale. I’m out of the party.  It’s over.

Since you don’t know me or my story, please understand that when I set my mind on something, I’m totally in it – 110%.  I’m high-energy, obsessive and dedicated to whatever mission I’ve decided to join or create.  And, right now, that just happens to be ME.  And writing.

I’ve dedicated myself to writing every day in 2016.  That takes time, and energy.  (4-6 hours a day, every day for me right now)  It also takes me on an emotional journey.  (I’m mentally exhausted by the time I close the computer.)

Perhaps you think my ‘writing’ is a side gig.  But, it’s not.  Right now it is my livelihood, because it is the only thing that gets me out of bed or off the couch.  I hate to break it to you, but no matter how much $$$ you flash in front of my face, it will NOT do the same thing.  Whatever it is that you want me to sign up for, will only make me feel worse about myself, because I won’t be committed to doing it.  It will make me feel burdened because I will disappoint you.  And, it will make me feel like a failure all over again.

I just spent the last 2.5 years creating and building a dream of my own.  I put all my time, effort and resources into my ‘dream.’  But, what happened along the way was it depleted me, instead of energized me.  I realized something at the end of last year – Living the dream wasn’t living the dream after all, so, on January 1, I walked away.

This is a time of healing for me.  A time for me to connect with myself, my family and my friends.  A time for me to enjoy the everyday life and the wonderful things around me.  It’s a time for me to open my eyes and notice all the things I was too busy to notice.

No, I do not want to join your team.  I want to be my own team right now.

No, I do not want to sell your products.  I may want to buy them, but I DO NOT WANT TO SELL.

No, I do not want to recruit others to join your team either.

I want to heal.

I want to love.

And, I want to live.

So leave me alone and let me do that.  Ok?


To brighter days,



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