January Project, Part 2

After a 15-hour light show across the blackened and smoke-filled skies, I hit the streets of Hamburg, Germany at day break to see the Aftermath. The destruction and refuse left behind surprised me. Germans are so particular about their trash, I was humored by the contradictory actions of their New Year’s celebration. So, I picked up my Samsung Galaxy, shot a few authentic photos and realized the mayhem showed an original depiction of life.

This project is proof that inspiration can be found anywhere.



A photographic display on the essence of life, as seen through the destructive nature of fireworks. Different from Part 1, where all photos are shown in their natural state, Part 2 invokes the artist’s eye, humor, mood and interpretation of the scene.  Color changes, cropping, and other adjustments were made using Picasa Web technology.   To maintain the integrity of the project, there was no tampering with the placement of objects.

To view Part 1, please click here.

Thank you for taking time to appreciate life through the lens of my Samsung.  This project was a pleasure to complete and a great way for me to start the new year.  As hard as it is to choose a favorite, I have to admit I LOVE the photo in Part 2, Living on the Edge.  There are a few ways to interpret the scene, one of adventure and one of sadness.  How will you view it today?  

Until tomorrow –

Simply Live,



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