Stephen King

Late last night, my nephew asked me two very important questions.  He asked, “what are your first thoughts on writing and what authors can you relate to?”  I wanted to kiss him through my Facebook app.  I don’t remember anyone ever asking me a question like that, unless it was in an interview or something similar.

It’s what we all need and want, though, right?  When we find a passion to pursue, don’t we want our friends and loved ones to show interest and ask us questions?  Somehow, I think that gets lost in social media.  I felt so close to my nephew in that moment; he made my mind wander into the deep black trance I have come to love.

My reply?

As the great Stephen King once said, “Life is not a support system for art.  It is the other way around.”  (On Writing, a memoir by Stephen King)

This is the attitude I have and want to embrace this year.  I’m opening my senses to experience the world around me in a new way.  Seeing my life for the first time, creativity sparks and inspires.  However, just because life inspires art, it does not mean it will support it.

We create art to connect with one another; we create art to embrace the aura and energy shared between souls.  We create art to breathe deeper.  We create art to relax our conscious minds.  We create art to survive. 

As I study my surroundings looking for my own art / story this year, I hope you will find a way to share your art, too.  It’s not only important, it’s necessary.  Our ‘Life’ is the product of the art we appreciate and allow in our field of vision.

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,



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